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Aid For Cancer Research is a group of 20 women from the greater Boston area who know through experience that dedication is worth more than numbers. One hundred percent volunteer, Aid For Cancer Research is not affiliated with any large organization. As a result of its members' tireless efforts, Aid For Cancer Research has raised millions of dollars to support vital research programs and medical grants in its 60 years of existence.

Aid For Cancer Research channels its funds through a volunteer Medical Advisory Board of eminent Boston physicians who evaluate requests for research grants and equipment and make recommendations for the most effective use and application of the group's resources.

The unique contribution of Aid For Cancer Research to the medical community is its ability to respond quickly to urgent and immediate needs for equipment, a laboratory, or a fellowship; something unmatched by any government or private agency.

Aid For Cancer Research members gratefully acknowledge your continuing support.

Please help us give to live.

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In existence for over 60 Years
* 100% Volunteer
* Supporting major cancer research initiatives in eastern Massachusetts
* Sponsorship of annual and summer Fellowships
* Ability to respond quickly for funding